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Month: April 2017

Inominandum Memorandum April 28 2017

Posted in Our Friends

Today Reuters ran a story where Donald Trump mentioned that he thought being POTUS would be easier than it is. I don’t want to talk politics…

Book Study – Casting Sacred Space

Posted in Tenders' Open Events

The use of casting as a means of establishing sacred space is a common practice in Wiccan and Neopagan traditions. In fact it is widely…

Urban Earthwitch: Urban Animist

Posted in Viewpoints

Cincinnati Fire Escape, by Derek Jensen (Tysto). CC 2.0 License. Feeling connected to nature in the city isn’t impossible. It’s as simple as stepping outside…

Second Annual Beltane Heart Labyrinth

Posted in Tenders' Open Events

I listen to my heart and honor its connection to the hearts of others. I allow love to fill me up and guide me in…