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Vickie was one of a kind and the best kind too.  In her life she touched so many people in such positive ways.  She would see something that needed to be done and quietly do it, no fanfare, no look at what I did, she just found joy in helping.  She was inquisitive, loved books and learning, life was a great adventure for her and she embraced it all.  Her life was a gift and blessing to all who knew her.  Her death will be keenly felt by all those she touched.  She is now a bright star in the heavens.

In lieu of flowers her family asks that donations be made to the New Alexandrian Library in Vickie’s name.

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A Very Persistent Illusion: The Astrology of 2018 – Urania’s Well Astrology

Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one.
~ Albert Einstein

Like most of you, I’ve been curious about where we are headed in 2018, so I’ve been poring over my ephemeris, calculating transits, and casting cardinal ingress and eclipse charts — three astrological methods of gaining insight into future events. This post will be long, but I’ll break out the more technical astrological details into separate paragraphs for the astrologers, so those of you who just want the conclusions can skip through.

The theme for this year is grounding and reality checks, with Earth and Water signs emphasized. A big part of the reality check will be much of humanity coming to an inescapable understanding and visceral awareness of how all life on Earth is intertwined and interdependent. Some will continue their efforts to deny that fact, even in the face of incontrovertible evidence, but eventually, the dams that hold back the onslaught of reality break.

Source: A Very Persistent Illusion: The Astrology of 2018 – Urania’s Well Astrology



Samhain seems to have started early this year. The veil between the living and the dead has worn thin. It looks frayed around the edges, with maybe even a narrow hole here and there, close to the middle of everything.

Source: Samhain


Psyche and Eros

I spent last weekend with Psyche and Eros: hearing their story from Greek mythology; exploring the challenges, promises, jealousies and angers among the characters; ritually re-enacting the story before choruses of men and women, all under the guidance of Dolores Ashcroft-Nowicki (pronounced ‘no-VEE-ski’), head of the Servants of the Light, an international non-denominational mystery school.

Source: Psyche and Eros


The Lesson of the Yew @ Infinite-Beyond Online

As many of you many remember, Chris and I signed a contract earlier this year with Weiser/Red Wheel Books to write a book about our style of traditional witchcraft. We had been working on it for quite some time before the contract was even solidified, as we are both very pragmatic creatures with contingency plan upon contingency plan stored away in our heads, and we are quite happy to say that as of last week, the first draft has been sent over to our editors for the review-and-revise part of the show.

Source: The Lesson of the Yew @ Infinite-Beyond Online


Back To School!

Just now we’re about halfway between Lammas and Mabon; in the ancient Celtic lands, the grain harvest has come and gone. Cucumbers, onions, tomatoes are at peak, but will be nearly done by late September. But right now? Right now the children are coming to the end of summer.

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Inominandum Memorandum April 28 2017

Today Reuters ran a story where Donald Trump mentioned that he thought being POTUS would be easier than it is. I don’t want to talk politics specifically in these memorandums, but I felt like this was a good segway into something that I try to warn people against: THE CULT OF CONFIDENCE.

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Cycles and Oppression

More of my companions are deeply engaged than I’ve seen in decades. More actual work is being done to reduce racism, ageism, sexism, ableism, and what I have to call religionism.

Source: Cycles and Oppression


Tales of a Shamanic Healer: A new Mythic Story, to bring hope & guidance

During the Soul Retrieval training last month, a student was gifted with an amazing story. A newly-formed myth, from beginning to end, came through in a Journey for him. It was incredible to witness, and reminded me of the importance of doing Sacred Work, and training others to be healers.
It will soon be part of a fantastic book, but here is the Myth (reproduced here with permission). I hope that it brings all readers a sense of wonder, magic, and healing in these dark times.

Source: Tales of a Shamanic Healer: A new Mythic Story, to bring hope & guidance


Truth, Love, Justice: #J20 lifting up and shining out | BrightFlame’s Writing

Rooted together, we crack through the sticky, life-sucking, harmful energies to grow, to shine, to use our gifts to heal the earth and her people! So it is now!

Source: Truth, Love, Justice: #J20 lifting up and shining out | BrightFlame’s Writing