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Solar Eclipse 2017 08 21


Urban Earthwitch: Urban Animist

Cincinnati Fire Escape, by Derek Jensen (Tysto). CC 2.0 License.

Feeling connected to nature in the city isn’t impossible. It’s as simple as stepping outside and allowing your instincts to take over. In most people’s workaday worlds they fail to feel this critical connection. They spend mere seconds outdoors, rushing from the front door to the car with their purse handle between their teeth while they wrestle with outerwear, carefully shifting the commuter mug from one hand to the other, dropping keys on the ground, picking up the keys, deactivating the car alarm …

Source: Urban Earthwitch: Urban Animist


Scroll – Breathe and push: Sikh-American civil rights advocate…


בן שלמה Son of Solomon ابن سليمان

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