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Tara-Love Maguire On Her Trad Craft | Mat Auryn

Courtesy of Tara-Love Maguire

Tara-Love Maguire has been a practicing witch for over 30 years, on a path which has been crookedly influenced by Isobel Gowdie, Marie Laveau, and William S. Burroughs. Growing up as a weird kid in and around the New Jersey Pine Barrens, she found witchcraft within the tales and shadows that dwell there. She co-hosts the podcast, Down at the Crossroads, with her sweetheart, Christopher Orapello, and together, they founded Blacktree Coven – a traditional witchcraft coven which exists in the heart of southern New Jersey. Her first book- Besom, Stang, and Sword – co-written with Chris, is available now wherever books are sold from Red Wheel/Weiser Books.

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Review: Casting Sacred Space | Mat Auryn

Casting Sacred Space

When I think of “genius” in terms of occultism, Ivo Dominguez Jr. is usually the very first to come into my mind. Part researcher, part mad scientist and complete magickal genius, Ivo is consistently providing information and techniques that push boundaries in terms of innovation within witchcraft, occultism, and psychic development. He and his work are greatly admired by his peers, students, and readers within the occult community for these reasons. Casting Sacred Space: The Core of All Magickal Work is absolutely no exception. The book contains a foreword from T. Thorn Coyle and received high praise from Dolores Ashcroft-Nowicki, Janet Farrar, Jason Miller, M. Macha Nightmare, Sam Webster, and many more — and for good reason.

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The Authentic & Actual Community Experience | Laura Tempest Zakroff

SO MANY BEAUTIFUL BEINGS! I smile every time I see these faces. Ivo Dominguez, Jr & Herne’s Hollow Folks at the Alombrados OTO in New Orleans.

There are some really great folks out there.  Not just some, a LOT.  Really. If your main exposure to “community” in terms of Witchcraft/Paganism is only through the Internet, you’re probably going to have less than an optimistic view of what it’s like in physical space.  I don’t like to say “in real life” because the Internet can be amazing for fostering relationships. But there’s a disconnect that happens when people forget they’re still communicating with other human beings on the other side of their screens, which leads to some rather crappy behavior. And while the online world is an equalizer in some ways, it’s also very easy to form echo-chambers and provide amplified platforms for personalities – for better or worse.

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The New Aradia: A Witch’s Handbook to Magical Resistance – Revelore Press

The New Aradia A Witch’s Handbook to Magical Resistance edited by Laura Tempest Zakroff 106 pages / September 2018 / 9781947544161   The New Aradia is a handbook is designed to serve as a collection of ideas to teach, share, inspire, empower, protect, and guide. Within its pages are sigils, spells, recipes, essays, invocations, rituals, and more, all gathered from experienced magical practitioners. At your fingertips is an arsenal of tools to aid you on your path.

With contributions by: Aidan Wachter, Amanda Bell, Annalun, Annwyn Avalon, Aradia the Rose, H. Byron Ballard, Casandra Johns, Christopher Penczak, Deborah Castellano, Devin Hunter, Gwendolyn Reece, Irina Xara, Irisanya Moon, Ivo Dominguez Jr., Jay Logan, Jenn Zahrt, Kelden, Laura Tempest Zakroff, Lisa Bland, Lyssa Heartsong, Mat Auryn, Misha Magdalene, Patti Wigington, Phoenix LeFae, Raye Schwarz, Stephen Pocock & Storm Faerywolf.

With every purchase of this book direct from the publisher, $1 will go to the Southern Poverty Law Center and $1 to Emily’s List.*

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Review: Practical Astrology for Witches and Pagans

If this is the very first book of Astrology you pick up, you can consider yourself lucky indeed. Seriously, if you’ve been avoiding Astrology the same way you avoided calculus (like the plague) this may be the book for you!

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Wiccadelphia — Student Spotlight with Maya Arthur | Penn Current

Photo by Mark Stehle

WITCHING HOUR: Along with her friend Kenna O’Rourke, Arthur is the co-host of the iTunes podcast “Witching Hour,” in which they discuss contemporary witches in modern times, the idea of a witch, what witches mean for femininity and womanhood, and how witches are portrayed in pop culture. “We watch really old ’80s movies about witches, like ‘Teen Witch,’ and talk about that, or a H. P. Lovecraft short story about a witch,” she says.

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