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Chant Albums From The Assembly of the Sacred Wheel

The Assembly of the Sacred Wheel’s chant albums were created with the intention that the chants be simple, powerful, and easily performed by individuals and ritual groups. They are mostly a cappella with some percussion and an occasional instrument to ease there use in covens, circles, groves, etc. Most of the chants do not require a wide singing range and the harmonies, while pretty, are not necessary.

Source: Chant Albums From The Assembly of the Sacred Wheel


ASW Spring Magick and Ritual for the Stag God, Cernnunos

Spring Magick is an annual fundraiser event for The New Alexandrian Library project of the Assembly of the Sacred Wheel. It is a day-long intensive of Workshops and culminates with the ASW’s most beloved ritual Honoring the Stag God, Cernunnos.

Teachers are Elders and Initiates of the Assembly of the Sacred Wheel Tradition:

Helena Domenic, Elder
Michael Smith, Elder
Robin Fennelly, HPs
Darleen Aragon, 3rd Degree Initiate
Sidhe Dances, Initiate
Megan Moore, Drum Circle Facilitator

Workshops include:

Wheels Within Wheels, Using Divination Tools to Sharpen Your Psychic Skills, Opening to the Anima Mundi-Workshop and Ritual, Grounding and Centering-The Techniques, How Do I know If Deity Is Calling Me?, Preparing the Ground Drum Circle and more.

The Ritual:

The Ritual for the Stag God Cernunnos concludes the day’s events as we join in celebration and listen to the words of the God, dance in honor of our connection to the animal kingdom and experience the life and potency of the Natural world.

FEE: $65
Registration begins at 9:30 a.m.

What to Bring:
Note taking supplies
Water and Snack, if needed
Ritual Garb (if you own)

Lunch is on your own. You may bring a bagged lunch to eat outside or enjoy at one of the many restaurants in the area.

The NAL store will be open during this event with unique gifts, books and magickal supplies for sale. All proceeds go to The New Alexandrian Library project.

Pre-registration is required. For more information and to register:

For more information about the New Alexandrian Libray:

Visit The Assembly of the Sacred Wheel on Facebook:

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Truth, Love, Justice: #J20 lifting up and shining out | BrightFlame’s Writing

Rooted together, we crack through the sticky, life-sucking, harmful energies to grow, to shine, to use our gifts to heal the earth and her people! So it is now!

Source: Truth, Love, Justice: #J20 lifting up and shining out | BrightFlame’s Writing


Wiccadelphia — Student Spotlight with Maya Arthur | Penn Current

Photo by Mark Stehle

WITCHING HOUR: Along with her friend Kenna O’Rourke, Arthur is the co-host of the iTunes podcast “Witching Hour,” in which they discuss contemporary witches in modern times, the idea of a witch, what witches mean for femininity and womanhood, and how witches are portrayed in pop culture. “We watch really old ’80s movies about witches, like ‘Teen Witch,’ and talk about that, or a H. P. Lovecraft short story about a witch,” she says.

Source: Wiccadelphia — Student Spotlight with Maya Arthur | Penn Current


Protection & Reversal Magick – At Mt. Airy Learning Tree

February 27 @ 7:00 pm9:00 pm

Discuss Hoodoo and classic folk remedies to cleanse the self or the home. Learn how to cleanse your house on both an energetic level as well as a mundane level using crystals, floor washes and other methods.

Tickets: Mt. Airy Learning Tree


“The Nature Of The Divine” and “Company Of The Great Ones” with Michael Smith

February 25 @ 12:00 pm4:00 pm

A benefit for the New Alexandrian Library.

General Admission20.00 USD
ASW Members15.00 USD
Students & Seniors15.00 USD
Your eTicket will be emailed after payment to your PayPal email address.

Class “The Nature Of The Divine” (2 hrs)

Much is said, written, discussed, and frankly, avoided concerning the Divine nature and humans’ relationships to Them. In this class we will examine one system of relating the various God and Goddess forms, the Divine Nature that enlivens them, and how we relate to Them. We will explore both practical questions, such as ‘when I hear the voice of the Goddess in my mind, how does She do that?’ and highly metaphysical questions, such as ‘Who do the Gods and Goddess worship?’

Ritual “Company Of The Great Ones” (1 hr)

In this ritual we will anchor the presences of six Great Ones using two triads: Maiden, Mother, & Crone and Youth, Father, & Sage. After calling them to our circle, we will honor their places in our lives. Then we will listen with our souls for whatever we must hear. We will end with an offering of thanks. Note: This ritual is not for the faint of heart or those that are ungrounded.

Michael Smith, Gwydion Stormcrow, has been practicing Wicca, Magick, and various esoteric disciplines since 1989. He has been active in the pagan community since 1993 when he became a member of the Assembly of the Sacred Wheel (ASW), a Wiccan organization in the Mid-Atlantic region. He is an Elder of the ASW and and formally served as High Priest of Coven of the Rowan Star, a coven in that Tradition. He is also involved with the Tradition’s New Alexandrian Library. (Read more…)


Couldn’t make it to the big ritual that had been planned for today due to lousy roads near me. Bob has a miserable cold and didn’t want to share it, so we improvised and participated from afar.

I truly missed being with my Circle of Capricorn sisters and brothers.


Sharing the Sun

by Ivo Dominguez, Jr. This past Winter Solstice I was asked to take on a central role in a ritual for the return of the light at the last moment. The person who was to embody the Sun was ill and co…

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Registration | Sacred Space Conference

The Sacred Space Conference is the premier annual esoteric conference on the East Coast for intermediate to advanced practitioners. Meeting in March in the Washington, DC/Baltimore area, each year our featured teachers and a host of highly qualified regional teachers offer a wide variety of workshops and rituals developed for a more advanced audience.  Our attendees tell us that they are particularly grateful for the opportunity to pursue their continuous development in the company of their peers across many magickal traditions

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Upcoming Events | Brigid: Bright One Be Here | Tenders of the Earth Temple

Holy Well And Sacred Flame,
Maiden Mother And Crone,
Bright One Be Here,
Bright One Be Here

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