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Month: September 2017

Psyche and Eros

Posted in Our Friends

I spent last weekend with Psyche and Eros: hearing their story from Greek mythology; exploring the challenges, promises, jealousies and angers among the characters; ritually…

Ivo Dominguez Jr. & The Tough Astrology Questions – For Puck’s Sake

Posted in Sacred Wheel Leaders

It seems there’s always some astronomer or scientist debunking astrology without understanding the very basic premise of astrology. Source: Ivo Dominguez Jr. & The Tough…

Autumn, a time to harvest magical and medicinal herbs | The Wild Hunt

Posted in Sacred Wheel Leaders

Philadelphia Witch Karen Bruhin says she doesn’t have the gardening space that rural and suburban Witches enjoy. Her go to plants are horehound and chamomile.…

Art Shows and Goddesses for Our Times – PaganSquare – PaganSquare – Join the conversation!

Posted in Sacred Wheel Leaders

It is a great pleasure in the life of an artist to be able to share one’s vision with the world. The internet and online…

Mabon: Spinning Down, Spiraling

Posted in Tenders' Open Events

Sunday at 1 PM – 3 PM Blue Bell Hill Park 842 Walnut Ln, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 04614 Spinning Down, Spiraling Through The Veil Of Night…

The Lesson of the Yew @ Infinite-Beyond Online

Posted in Our Friends

As many of you many remember, Chris and I signed a contract earlier this year with Weiser/Red Wheel Books to write a book about our…

Weekend protests by Christian groups unite local Pagan communities | The Wild Hunt

Posted in In the Media

The weekend saw two unrelated Christian protests: one at a Pagan store in North Carolina and one at Philadelphia Pagan Pride Day. Source: Weekend protests…

Red Wheel ∕ Weiser Online Bookstore | Keys to Perception: A Practical Guide to Psychic Development by Ivo Dominguez, Jr.

Posted in Sacred Wheel Leaders

Keys to Perception A Practical Guide to Psychic Development Ivo Dominguez, Jr. ISBN: 9781578636204 Book (Paperback) Weiser Books $18.95   6 x 9 256 pages…

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