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Delmarva Pagan Pride Festival | Program Teaser | Upcoming ASW Events | The Assembly Of The Sacred Wheel

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Kitty Bronson

We seek information and guidance and the gifts surround us in nature, the turning fo the seasons and all of life’s journey…

Program Teaser: Life Cycle and Nature in the Runes-Presented by Kitty Bronson, a Witch, a Freyja’s woman and daughter of Njordhr…..The Elder Futhark is split into 3 “aetts”. We will explore these 3 aetts and the relationships between the runes on a broader level. The runes are not just an alphabet with random meanings but there is a pattern and a reason for the order. A background in the runes may be helpful but is not necessary.

Pre-registration is encouraged to insure your space…

Source: Upcoming ASW Events | The Assembly Of The Sacred Wheel


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