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ASW Spring Magick 2019 and Ritual for the Stag God, Cernnunos – Program Teaser

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Maggie Beaumont

Death is a journey we all must take, and the grace we offer to ourselves and to our loved ones in their process requires courage and planning. Come join our own Maggie Beaumont as she guides us through…

Dying in America-Navigating the Rapids: These days, the dying process isn’t much like what we think we know from TV, movies, family stories and social media. At a time of emotional turmoil, people are being asked to make crucial decisions based on information in unfamiliar language. What do you need to know? How does the dying process work in American hospitals today? What are the biases in the system, and how can you navigate through them to make decisions that serve you and your family well? We’ll talk about what an Advance Directive is and is not, and how to choose a Health-Care Proxy, and we’ll talk about how to make sure your wishes – or your loved one’s wishes – are actually followed. We’ll talk about questions you’ll need to ask, including a few that are surprising. We’ll also talk about supporting one another through the emotions that arise, now or later, in confronting this challenging topic.

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