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*** CANCELLED *** Lammas – Saturday, August 4 at 12 PM – 2 PM

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Last updated on July 12, 2018


We apologize, but we need to cancel this event due to family circumstances beyond our control. Please look for us at Philadelphia Pagan Pride Day on September 1 or join us for our Samhain observance on November 4.

Saturday, August 4 at 12 PM – 2 PM
Chestnut Hill United Church

8812 Germantown Ave, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19118

Lammas Day (Anglo-Saxon hlaf-mas, “loaf-mass”), is a holiday celebrated in some English-speaking countries in the Northern Hemisphere, usually between 1 August and 1 September. It is a festival to mark the annual wheat harvest, and is the first harvest festival of the year. On this day it was customary to bring to church a loaf made from the new crop, which began to be harvested at Lammastide, which falls at the halfway point between the summer Solstice and Autumn September Equinox.

[This event is free and open to all respectful individuals.]


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