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Ostara: Joy In The Gold Buds Of Spring

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Last updated on March 20, 2017

[Event cover photo, “Vlammenwacht voor Brighid” by “Cy-V” ( Used under Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic.]

Joy In The Gold Buds Of Spring.
Passion In The Greening Leaf
Joy In The Rising Day.
Passion Neath The Glowing Moon
Come Swelling Tides Of Spring.
Fill Me with The Promise Of Green.
— Ivo Dominguez, Jr

Please join us in our annual blessing of the spring plants and herbs. We will energize the plants with our hopes/dreams and nuture them through the summer through their fruition. By Lammas time when we wll harvest those herbs and, take them and their energies back into ourselves. We will gather at 1pm with ritual at 1:15pm. Robes are encouraged but not required.

Source: Ostara: Joy In The Gold Buds Of Spring


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