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Deities of the Sea will be taught by Kitty this year at Delmarva Pagan Pride Festival

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Deities of the Sea will be taught by Kitty this year.
Kitty Bronson is a Witch, a Freyja’s woman and daughter of Njordhr. She is a 3rd degree initiate in the Assembly of the Sacred Wheel (ASW). She is a follower of the Norse gods, a Fire Keeper for Sweat Lodge, a Seidhrkona and worker of the runes and herbal magick. She is an environmental scientist, artist and an armchair anthropologist. Her inspiration for her studies and her work come from her spiritual life, believing that the Earth is sacred and that you can’t follow your future fully without knowing some of your past. Her studies spiritually and in anthropology center on the ancient art, culture and folklore of the British Isles and Teutonic Lands from the Standing Stones through to the age of the Rune Stones. Currently she is researching the folklore of these cultures and following those stories with the immigrants to the New World. Kitty has taught workshops at a variety of places, including Bell Book and Candle and Delmarva Pagan Pride in Dover, DE; Spring Magick, Autumn Magick and Between the Worlds for the ASW; Free Spirit Gathering; The East Coast Thing Asatru Gathering; Winternights Asatru Gathering and Trillium Druid Gathering.

— with Kitty Bronson.
Source: Deities of the Sea will be taught by Kitty this… – Ivo Dominguez Jr.


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