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Tag: spiritual practice

The Value of Initiatory Challenge

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One marvelous benefit of initiatory challenge is the expanded self-trust that results from working hard to do something well and succeeding. Read more: The Value…

Questions of the Hour –┬áJUNE 29, 2018 BY MAGGIE BEAUMONT

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In the light of the Full Moon, I look to my defenses. These are strange times. I have so many questions. this is a time…

Hospice Musings On Anxiety

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Hospice Chaplain here, bringing my UU-Pagan perspective to the support of human beings approaching their own deaths, or the deaths of their beloveds, in the…

Speak Mindfully

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Speak mindfully, accurately, honestly, fairly… trust that the words you speak have power, and to nurture the habit of speaking into being all and only…