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Tenders of the Earth Temple Posts

The Incredible Occult Illustrations of Alphonse Mucha

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Check out Art Nouveau illustrator Alphonse Mucha’s beautiful occult-inspired art from the turn of the century, which drew on themes from Kabbalah and magick Source:…

Wisdom of the Heart: Tales of the Goddess | Workshops | Namas Day

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“Listen to the words of the great mother who has been known by many names…” Many yogis are familiar with the names Kali or Lakshmi.…

ASW Spring Magick and Ritual for the Stag God, Cernnunos

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Helena Domenic Art posted in ASW Spring Magick and Ritual for the Stag God, Cernnunos — with Michael Smith. Source: Facebook

Spring Magick | Upcoming ASW Events | The Assembly Of The Sacred Wheel

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April 2, 2016 • Springfield, PA • 9:30 AM – 7:30 PM Springfield Friends Meeting 1001 Old Sproul Road Springfield, PA 19064 Spring Magick is an annual…

An Essential Occult Reading List | Flavorwire

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If you’ve seen The Witch, there’s a good chance the Satanic imagery and occult mood of it is still tapping at your spine — and…

It’s witchcraft: occult collection of Doreen Valiente, the ‘mother of modern witchcraft’, to go on public display at Brighton’s Preston Manor | Culture24

Posted in World Witchcraft

A mansion known for hauntings is about to host the first major exhibition of the collection of Doreen Valiente, one of the most important figures…